Small Deeds. Our Deeds.

Exploring myths past and present, looking for wisdom for this time, I could quote from The Lord of the Rings endlessly. There is so much wisdom there. So much treasure. Frodo was the one chosen. And although at first reluctant, he would find the courage. He would stand in his power. As we can. As we must.


Some believe it is only great power

that can hold evil in check,
but that is not what I have found.
I found it is the small everyday deeds of 
ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay…
small acts of kindness and love.




Judith –

4 thoughts on “Small Deeds. Our Deeds.

  1. Thank you. I needed that. I am saying pretty much those same words to others but as my SD asked me, “Where do you get uplifted”? This site is one of my supports and place to go sites for my feeding.

  2. Thank you, Judith, for continuing to spread Light and Wisdom. Every small act of kindness and love has immense ripple effects.

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