Sacrifice Will Be Required

There was a time. When things got ugly for the people they would call on their spiritual leaders, their shaman, to restore harmony and balance. Well, things are ugly. But we can’t delegate this harmonic restoration. We can’t outsource it. Indeed, outsourcing our intrinsic and sacred relationship with each other and the universe is what got us into this mess. A subject for exploration in the next few blog posts.

sacrifice-will-be-requiredFor those of us who are looking at the bleak landscape that seems to be unfolding and considering how we will resist. For those of us who are organizing ourselves and others to step in and step up to create a different landscape based on our fundamental values of respect, love, inclusion, diversity, peace, joy, and honoring all life. For us this is sacred work. And it’s all about sacrifice.

Sacrifice. It’s a word with so much baggage. Yet the original definition is to make sacred. It comes to us from the Latin: sacrificium (combining sacri/sacer holy + facere to make).

So what will we do to make a holy, whole, and holistic future for our children? What will we do to create balance and harmony in our world? Are we willing to change our lifestyles and mindsets? Are we willing to re-prioritize our time and attention? Are we willing to step beyond the known and into the unknown? Are we willing to risk everything we have? Because it seems clear that everything we have is at risk. What will be our sacrifice? For sacrifice will be required.

Judith –

6 thoughts on “Sacrifice Will Be Required

  1. Had to ponder this a bit.
    I am willing to risk everything, even my life to create balance and harmony I do not believe that I am alone. We are here for a reason – to save the earth and ultimately humanity.
    Thank you for your thoughtful prose.

    • Chi Ho!!!!! So grateful to be on this journey with you, my sister. For indeed…we are here for a reason. And that reason is all about sacred manifestation. Love you.

  2. With my Online Unitarian fellowship both members and with our Minster, I have been pondering this question for a while. There is a call to action, but I know I must leave that to others. Your posts/emails have added to my thoughts. My life is changing drastically in my 77th year as I re-arrange my choices. I am not an activist.. although I will show up at the women’s march near me on the 21st.
    What I need to do is CENTER. My Self. and stay calm in the chaos.
    More and more I realize that the world which seemed orderly (if I could just do this or that), is really chaotic. The only place for calmness is within me. And that depends on my choices for self care and for worship. I hope to share THAT with others. As well as hospitality, perhaps sanctuary.

    • Hey friend. Delighted to hear from you. I find that staying calm, staying hopeful, and staying grounded/centered is one of the most important ways for me to make anything sacred. It doesn’t seem this chaos will dissipate any time soon….and our people need calm anchors to weather the storms. Hospitality, sanctuary, a place to breathe and be. Sounds perfect. Honored that my writings have supported your journey. As I talk with my husband, we remind ourselves that there will be so much to do (and be) in these coming times. And we can’t do it all. There are many pathways to this resistance. Some will march, some will meet, some will pray, some will write. We all do what we can. Beannacht!!!!!

  3. Our theme has been Resilience and Resistance. Those words have resonated with me. I am not a warrior. I am a care taker. and the meaning of that word has expanded drastically in the last few months. It mostly means listening,

    • Wonderful words. And wonderful energies. Thank you for sharing this. Great you are a care taker….we are going to need so many of those.

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