Raking Muck

filth, dirt, or slime

a state of chaos or confusion
decaying vegetable matter

 It’s really all about the nature of the muck. 

I was recently in Ireland for three weeks working on the cottage we purchased last fall. It was such a gift to be away from the palpable anxiety and tension that so pervades our lives these days. Yes, the Irish are well aware of what is unfolding in our country and they are horrified. But there is not the constant presence of fear and anger hanging in the air. 

While I was there we took an afternoon to begin cleaning up and reclaiming a holy well not far from the cottage. Adjacent to the impressive ruins of Corcomroe Abbey, this is the only well in Ireland designated on maps as a Sheela-na-Gig well. 

It was a glorious day and a sublime piece of time gently raking away the vegetable matter…some decaying weeds and some watercress that would be a delicious addition to dinner…to uncover the deep poolI could feel the presence of ancestral energies and delighted in the images that floated through my consciousness. Images of ancient ceremonies at this sacred source.

Here in the States it seems we are raking muck only to find more muck. Filth, dirt, slime, chaos, and confusion. It seems endless. It’s spiritually and emotionally exhausting. But I don’t plan to stop any of this muck raking. These are treacherous times that call for our attention. Yet I am reminded that in this work I must remember to touch the source. To find my own deep pool of spiritual power and grounding. For that is what will sustain me.

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