What Are We Petaling?

Daffodils were blooming everywhere. By the side of the road, in front yards, in fields, and in this flower box in front of the cottage. I would discover that in Ireland those petals have a special purpose.

As I drove past the local primary school, I noticed buckets of them being unloaded from cars and taken into the school house. As I drove through the village, I noticed bunches being sold on the streets. Everywhere I looked people were wearing bright yellow daffodil lapel pins.

It was March 24th. Daffodil Day. A day when, according to the Irish Cancer Society website’s comment about this year’s event, thousands of people came together to stop cancer by selling daffodils on the streets. Yet  another opportunity for charitable giving. In this case a charitable cause close to my heart.

My thoughts turned to my home state of Washington where we hold an annual Daffodil Festival. Started in 1934 as a celebration of the agricultural industry in our area, the festival’s major event is a parade in which thousands of flowers are used to decorate massive floats. Hundreds of people participate in this community celebration from decorating the floats to marching in the parade.

While both festivals celebrate community, there is a striking difference in underlying purpose. On one hand, the Irish are sharing the Earth’s abundance to make a difference in people’s lives. On the other hand, people are using the Earth’s bounty as a display of abundance – our abundance.

For me it begs the question. What are we petaling?

Judith – judith@stonefires.com