They Had A Dream

There are so many amazing storytellers here in Ireland. Men and women who are able to bring history alive. Marty is among the very best.

We sat together under a tree and watched him animate the tales of the tribes who gathered at Uisneach, the very center of Ireland, thousands of years ago. The people came from all directions and, from archeological discoveries, around the world to this sacred center. They came to affirm their connection with the Sacred, the Earth, and Community. They came to dance and sing and celebrate. They came to share their dream, their vision for the people. For their people and for all people down through the ages.

As Marty guided us through this sacred landscape he reminded us that archeologists have found no evidence of weapons at these ancient megalithic sites. They were not a people of war until much later in history. They lived the dream and vision they held of peace and right relationship with the universal mystery and all life. They lived in harmony.

I opened my mail this morning to the horrific news of the Las Vegas shooting. Much as I have opened my mail these last days and weeks to the violence and hatred which seems to grip our country, the complete disregard for humanity displayed by those in power – I cannot call them leaders. And I am reminded of our ancestors.

They held a dream and a vision and they passed it to us. And, my brothers and sisters, this is not it.

Judith –

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  1. May we dig deep, dream and create a different reality!!

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