Rubbish Rituals

Why do we recycle? I suppose there are many reasons. But at the heart is some knowing that our relationship with the Earth cannot continue to be one of endless extraction and exploitation. That we are woven with the Earth and what happens to her happens to us. And so we are mindful of what we take from her and mindful to give back.

We can never really know the ways of our ancestors. We only have the rare glimpse into their lives and lifestyles. Yet we surmise. We create a story, for that is what we humans do. We create stories. So here’s one.

In a prior post I mentioned the gatherings that took place in the Carrowmore landscape. And I mentioned that there was no archeological evidence of people living there. But nearby, on the shores of Sligo Bay, there is such evidence. Because the ocean has worn away the banks along the shore, we can walk along the beach and see the shells exposed. Very likely an acre of shells at least ten feet deep, Jack estimates from his explorations. Shells not just tossed into a pit, but stacked one on another. Holding one I reflected that the last human to touch this shell lived thousands of years ago. An awed feeling.

It’s likely the ancient tribes camped in this place during the gatherings. Near the ocean food source. And what they took from the earth, they gave back. Carefully, mindfully. Honoring the Earth and her bounty. Honoring a sacred relationship.

As I said, it’s a story. But since archeologists have not yet spent time in this place to create their story, for now this story is as good as any. And perhaps there is something in it for us today. Perhaps we might grow in our understanding of our sacred relationship with the Earth. Perhaps we might embrace such rubbish rituals.

Judith –

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