That’s Bob With One ‘O’

Long after dementia robbed him of so many memories, this one remained. The way he used to introduce himself. Dad was a brilliant man with a great sense of humor. Although Canadian by birth and US citizen by choice, it was his Irish heritage he most cherished. And within his rich legacy, inheriting his love of Ireland and all things Irish is what I most cherish.

Bob. Barley Bob. Bob with one ‘o’. He loved his name and as I continue to wander through boxes of family photos and slides I am reminded of another Bob memory that was important to Dad. 

While Dad was Dean of Science at WSU he had the opportunity to start an environmental sciences program in collaboration with the University of Idaho. Much of that initial funding came from Robert Redford. Dad used to delight in telling us how they used to phone each other. “Hey, Bob. Bob here,” was the beginning of each conversation regardless of who placed the call.

Whether fly-fishing or standing in a field of ripening barley, generally a strain he had developed, Dad had a love of the natural world and devoted much of his life to a deeper understanding of it. As I continue to walk with my spiritual guides and embrace their teachings of being in right relationship with the Sacred, with the Earth, and in Community, I appreciate that this connection with the Earth is yet another gift of Dad’s legacy.

So thanks, Bob with one ‘o’. I miss you. 

Judith –