From The Cave

The Muse had arrived at long last. She was present and persistent. So when I returned from Ireland in early October I settled into the energy of the cave to write my next book, A Call To Crone: Weaving Wisdom With Threads Of Irish Heritage. It was an inspired piece of time as I stepped away from all other writing. Including this blog. Which many of you have noted. 

What I didn’t know is that I would also step away from writing my book and would stay in the cave energy to be with my Anam Cara, my soul sister, on her journey with cancer. A horrific journey through two surgeries and radiation treatments. Annalu made her transition last week with all the grace and peace and love that was her essence.

It’s tempting to stay in the cave. To hide. To grieve. To welcome a reweaving of our souls. But now with weeks until I am again in Ireland, it’s time to come out of the cave. I know so much healing will happen in Ireland…in the sacred landscapes we walked together. And much healing will happen in writing again on my book that Annalu was so part of and so excited about. Healing will happen in writing again on this blog. And I will write my way out of the cave, dancing with the sacred. Dancing with the spirit of my Anam Cara.

Judith –

4 thoughts on “From The Cave

  1. Judith, Once again you are on the road of grieving or, should I say you are continuing that walk. Grief compounded is a heavy load. I’m so glad your book has been a release for you and a tribute to one you loved so deeply. Ireland will definitely be a place of healing for you as her spirit is already among the Crones dancing through the carins. Judith Clister Spiritual Companion

    Director of Anam Cara Place A place to rest and renew physically and spiritually.

    Let nothing disturb you, let nothing make you afraid. Teresa of Avila


    • Thank you my dear friend. Yes. This liminal space is filled with mystic possibilities. Right now, walking that landscape and reweaving my soul with Annalu, there is not much grief visiting me. Deep peace. Joy. Light. Grace. Amazing, really. And yes, she will be with me…and us…in Ireland. Much love!!!

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