Into The Light

It’s perfect, really, that Annalu made her transition in the portal energy of the equinox. While the Winter Solstice marks the return of the Sun with ever longer days, it is the Spring  Equinox that marks the time when the light becomes stronger than the dark. It is a time of balance. It is a threshold to the Light. 

It’s also perfect that when her journey became intense and I stepped away from my writing to be with her, I was in the middle of the Earth Threads chapter and was just about to begin writing on the Portals & Liminal Places subchapter. I step back into that writing new insights. A friend told me my writing would be better for this journey with Annalu. Perhaps. It will certainly be more poignant. 

Portals and thresholds. Birth and death are obvious. But there are so many more. So many more.

Judith –