Rooted In Ireland

Sigh. This threshold place. Leaving for Ireland this evening and I am again in this disquieting place. Dennis names it a combination of reluctance and anticipation. Yes, a reluctance to leave Dennis and MossTerra and the easy rhythm of walking through the woods to my office each day. And yes, anticipation for what I know will be an amazing month in Ireland. This place of portal between two worlds I dearly love, two worlds in which I am deeply rooted heart and soul, holds such energy. Being rooted sustains me.

Rooted is my experience in Ireland. But it’s generally not the case for those who travel there, especially for the first time. They often travel with a litany of expectations about where they should go, what they should do, and what they should see. And they dash around Ireland trying to do it all, the energy and pace of the holiday mirroring the energy and pace of their lives at home. Blarney Stone, check. Cliffs of Moher, check. Guinness Brewery, check. Book of Kells, check. Irish pub, check.

OK. So I admit to being in a bit of a place of judgment around this. I also acknowledge that for many this is exactly what they are looking for. However it’s not what everyone is looking for. While the idea of going to Ireland and staying, in fact being, in one place may seem antithetical, many are looking for an experience of being rather than doing. They are seeking the invitation and opportunity to be rooted and deeply connected. So this year we are shifting the Sacred Ireland offerings to include tours in the SpringĀ and a place-based gathering/retreat in the Fall. A Gathering of Wisdom & Soul. An invitation and opportunity to be rooted.

More details are in the next post.

Judith –