An Exquisite Hope

Some only see the barren landscape of it. Many liken it to a moonscape, these grey limestone hills that are the Burren. An English general sent to scout this part of Ireland for potential conquest reported there was nothing of value here. “Not enough water to drown a man, nor trees to hang a man, nor dirt to bury him,” was the report. Reflecting an interesting value system, to this man the Burren was bleak and worthless. However there is life here including small orchids that are some of the most beautiful on Earth.

As I wandered this landscape yesterday to spend time with the crashing waves of the Atlantic, I was reminded of the political landscape in the States right now. It is bleak and seemingly barren. Yet there is also life and promise. An exquisite hope. Like the orchid, stunningly beautiful and strong enough to rise from the limestone and endure the wild Atlantic storms.

Exquisite hope. May we rise. May we endure.

Judith –

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