It’s What Lights Do

Stardust. It’s one of my favorite movies. If you haven’t seen it, now might be a good time. 

Yvaine is a star that comes to Earth where dark forces want to steal her light. Just as it seems the dark forces are going to win, she embraces Tristan and says, “What do stars do? They shine!” She turns up her light and the dark forces explode in the blinding brilliance of her shining. OK. Spoiler alert…but watch the movie anyway. It’s fabulous.

Right now I feel like we’re stuck in a movie. But it’s not a story of light and love and magic. It’s a story of horror as dark forces are stealing the light and life from our people and our nation. There are some who say some good is coming from this. Perhaps. But the collateral damage is devastating. A devastation that will be with us for a very long time. I long for a spoiler alert to tell us this is going to end well.

It can be exhausting. Watching events unfold. And it can engender a sense of being powerless in the face of it. But we are not powerless. Indeed we are more powerful. For the power of our Light is more enduring. And together our shining is the spoiler alert for the darkness. Individually and collectively we shine a blinding brilliance.

It’s what lights do.


Judith –