Your Majesty

We could feel you in the air. The forest was so quiet. As we sat on the front porch in anticipation, Dennis said it was like waiting for Christmas. And then you arrived.

Within hours you had covered everything in a deep blanket of white. The power of your presence something we will likely not experience again in our time on Earth. It was majestic. Your weight caused the trees to bow low and we were soon in isolated sanctuary. No electricity. No travel possible. Called to a place of just being. With you.

Stop, was your message. Attend this depth and silence. Listen. 

That night as we lay in bed in the dark, you began to take your leave. The snow cascading off trees was like the sound of rolling thunder throughout the forest. Suddenly I was so deeply sad. Wait…just a bit more. I want to take more pictures. I want to sit and gaze at the wonder of you. Don’t leave us just yet. There is wisdom here and I want to drink in every moment of it. One more look at your majesty. Perhaps a last look of a lifetime.

And then you were gone. 

Your Majesty. I will cherish the memory. 

Judith –


3 thoughts on “Your Majesty

  1. Awww.. How beautifully brought to words. You always amaze me, the way you can put words to paint a feeling! It’s just magic! Thanks.

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  2. So beautifully said Judith , I also was deeply moved by the beauty and wisdom of mother nature during the quiet wonder that came through.I’ve been thinking of you and want to invite you to visit here in my new house and land.  What is your schedule like to come down this way?  XoxoxoSent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

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