A Bit Of Furniture Fun

I was looking for a piece of furniture for the cottage kitchen. A neighbor told me about this place hidden away on a back road in Gort. There was absolutely no signage but I eventually found the place and stepped through the open steel double doors and into a massive warehouse with items that span from second hand to salvage. A bit overwhelming. But I found exactly what I was after. 

The problem was I was dealing with Francis. Nice man. But he made it clear his brother, James, was in charge and the only one who could give me a price. Of course James was not there. As we were standing at the large steel entry doors, Francis said, “It’s best that you ring him. Here. Let me give you the number.”




And with that he reached around and closed one of the doors.





Cracked me up. I did ring James. And the deal is done. Delivery of the piece is scheduled for when I get back from the upcoming tour/journey. Here’s a photo.

Judith – judith@stonefires.com

4 thoughts on “A Bit Of Furniture Fun

  1. Nice!

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    • Well. So many of my posts are of a more serious nature. Important to share the soul of joy that lives here as well. Much love….and laughter.

      Beannacht, Judith


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