Young Lights. Old Lights.

Greta Thunberg is shining a bright light on our environmental crisis. She is lighting a fire of attention and action around the world, especially among young people. Amazing. And a powerful reminder of the power of one. Yes. We are in trouble. The scientific evidence is both daunting and compelling.

In the narrative of this crisis, there is the accelerating loss of our natural environments. In the narrative of this crisis, there is the devastation of habitat and the loss of so many animals. In the narrative of this crisis there is the question of whether humanity will survive.

Yet largely missing in this narrative is the devastating loss of sacred relationship with the Earth – the devastating loss of human soul. This is a loss that has been forged through centuries of believing that we have dominion over the Earth. Believing that we are somehow separate from and superior to the Earth. Believing that somehow our intellect and our science will save us. 

We have disparaged, discarded, and now forgotten what the ancestors knew. And now we are paying the price. Yes. We need the young lights like Greta. We also need the old lights of ancestor wisdom. The soul of the Earth depends on it. Our souls depend on it. For indeed there is only one soul. 

Judith –

2 thoughts on “Young Lights. Old Lights.

  1. Thank you, Judith. Powerfully and beautifully written. I hold, though, that we are remembering … rather than having forgotten. And, many lights, hearts, and souls, certainly including your embodied soul, are helping us to remember. The reconciliation of the disparagement is essential soul work.

  2. Hey, Tom. Thanks so much for your comments. Yes! We are remembering and re-membering. That is the work. That is our opportunity and our gift to give. Much love!!!

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