Rhythms Of Wisdom

Information is not knowledge.
Knowledge is not wisdom.

Wisdom emerges within the alchemy of experience, knowledge, discernment, and reflection. Before this global pandemic, we were a tad shy of the reflection piece. Catapulting through busy lives at warp speed, we didn’t often take the time for contemplative consideration. But now our lives are woven with a different rhythm.

We have slowed down. Most of us. And our life rhythms have changed dramatically. We are spending more time in our gardens and with the Earth. We are walking our neighborhoods. We are cooking and baking and spending time with family. Yes, for many there is a great deal of fear and anxiety as our social and economic structures are clearly not adequate to support so many of our people in this time of chaos and change.

Yet even within the emotional challenges, there is a slowing down. There is the invitation to reflection and contemplation. Will we all invite the alchemy of wisdom into our lives? Probably not. But who knows, it might just arrive without an intentional invitation. 

Yet whether invited or not, the alchemical relationship of experience, knowledge, discernment, and reflection has shifted for each of us. Every one of us around the globe. And whether invited or not, there is the great possibility that from this new relationship and these new rhythms a new wisdom for the future will emerge.

There is such hope and promise in this.

Judith – judith@stonefires.com

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  1. You are a gift to us all,Beannacht 

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  2. Yes, with the possibilities, such hope!

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