Heart Fire

The Hill of Uisneach was eerily quiet when David lit the Bealtaine fire. The few family members and lone piper that joined him were in stark contrast to the thousands that normally gather for this ancient ceremony.

Yet thousands were gathered. As I publish this post, the number of people who watched the live stream and aerial videos has reached more than 168,000. People around the world lit fires and candles and joined together in a celebration of light. A celebration of the re-birth of the land and the coming of summer. A celebration of awakening.

And in these times, a celebration of unity and hope. 

As member of David’s family said, “We’re lighting the fire this year as a symbol of hope and to show that in these trying times there is still light going forwards.”

We watched as David and family lit the fire. Then, the camera pulled back to reveal an enormous heart of smaller fires. David’s gift and surprise for us. A heart fire to ignite the hope and passion in every one of us in that global audience. A heart fire of unity. It was powerful and palpable. 

May the heart fire burn brightly in all of us.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to watch the videos, here is the link.
Uisneach Bealtaine Fire 2020

Judith – judith@stonefires.com

5 thoughts on “Heart Fire

  1. I know it’s all in perfect timing…my spirit gets that completely. My human heart is still disappointed for you that you didn’t get to attend this year.


    I still think we should have a social distance meeting in the field. You, me, Dennis and the piper. Sometime…


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