To Choose And Choose Again

1973. The war in Vietnam was raging. Farmworkers were fighting for their rights and being supported through grape boycotts. The Black Panthers were feeding children in their communities. Gloria Steinem had launched Ms. Magazine. Peace and social justice. It was a movement of outrage and aspiration. Of unity and solidarity.

For me it was a call of soul and I answered that call totally and unconditionally. That I left a sorority to join a peace and social justice collective was one measure of this. That I stopped going to class to become part of the antiwar protest leadership at WSU was another. My grade point dropped from 3.8 to zero. But I didn’t care. There are few times in my life when I have felt more alive to the call of a higher purpose. It was energizing and exhilarating. It was easy to choose.

We thought it was a time of great change. But we hadn’t met COVID19. Now we stand at the threshold of unprecedented change. Global change. And this warrior woman of fifty years ago is still with me. I stand now in a different place…and yet the same place. And I wonder.

How will I be called to stand for peace and social justice?
What will I choose?

For it’s clear. There will be choices. For all of us. In choosing, may we be inspired by a higher purpose. In choosing, may we dance to the music of aspiration.

Judith –

This photo appeared in the WSU campus newspaper. January, 1973.

4 thoughts on “To Choose And Choose Again

  1. You looked like you meant business 

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  2. Awesome Warrior Woman!!

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  3. I am waiting for a greater opportunity for me to choose social justice and peace. I do promote these and stand on the soap box whenever I get the opportunity; however, I feel the need to do something more…to join other warriors who are ready to do whatever we can to ensure these two inalienable rights are a way of life for all on the other side of this threshold we are currently standing in front of! Thank you Judith…

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