Heal The World

How  quickly we could heal this world
if more of us were dancing, singing, and storytelling.

“How will we love in this time of pandemic
How do we weave the bonds
So they do not bind so tight,
But allow us to dance on shafts of light?

How will we find life anew,
Healing the sorrows of the past
And find those new seeds that must be tended?

How will we sing the new songs
That have not yet been written,
So their echo rolls down the generations
Proclaiming that we took this invitation,
That we didn’t hesitate to plot a new course?

How will we go, then
On this new path
When the destination is yet unknown?

But I know this
No question is answered
By refusing to set forth.
Our faltering steps will soon find balance and poise
And the ground shall rise up to meet our feet.”

Adapted from a poem by Sondra Ray

Judith – judith@stonefires.com

2 thoughts on “Heal The World

  1. You make me tear up…..every time.

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  2. The theme of movement is so important. We have to take the first step and then hopefully another step and keep going, if we want to make anything better. The image is charming. I wonder who is teaching whom?

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