Beyond Mattering

June 1, 2020

Black Lives Matter.

Right now, I’m not feeling it. Not because it’s so clear that for too many in our country, they don’t matter. But because there’s a sense in this that Black lives matter too. As if in addition to something. As if in addition to white people who of course matter most.

Black Lives Matter is an important narrative from and within the Black Lives Matter movement. I totally honor that.

Yet as a white woman, I say to my white sisters and brothers that these precious lives are not an adjunct, they are vitally implicit to the integrity, the wholeness, of our national culture. Beyond mattering, they are essential. 

They are marginalized to the fringe of our society. But they are not fringe. Our Black sisters and brothers are essential threads in the fabric of our nation and national identity. A national fabric of hope and social justice, of love and compassion, of aspiration and inspiration. This is the fabric of the nation I choose to live in. This is the fabric of the nation I choose to co-create. With my Black sisters and brothers. My Indigenous American sisters and brothers. My Hispanic sisters and brothers. My Asian sisters and brothers. My Arab sisters and brothers. All essential threads in this tapestry. 

Judith –

7 thoughts on “Beyond Mattering

  1. Absolutely

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  2. With you — All lives matter equally – meaning the embodied experience – being in the matter is at the heart of the matter…

    • The do absolutely. We are all one. Unfortunately over here ‘all lives matter’ has been adopted by/hijacked by white supremacists and is code for celebrating being white and dismissing the truth of our oneness.

  3. You’re right, we say and hear Black Lives Matter as if it’s too or by the way. It shouldn’t have to be said or heard at all except that white supremacists would probably like it that way. I don’t understand racism, and it angers me. It’s unreasonable and lacks any sense about people and nature. We should be thankful. But you know all this. Thank you for your thoughts about how humanity is intertwined.

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