In Solidarity

June 5, 2020

Together with people around the world, the Irish have taken to the streets in Dublin to protest the murder of George Floyd and the atrocities of an institutionalized culture of racism.

As the crowd swelled to five thousand protestors, Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Leo Vradkar faced criticism for allowing people to gather in this time of pandemic. He is, after all, a medical doctor and should know better. His response:

Racism is a virus that we have been fighting for millennia. Despite the progress we have made, it is no less virulent today, and no less dangerous. We need to show solidarity as people of all races and backgrounds around the world and come together to stop its spread and defeat it.

The Irish.
In solidarity for social justice.
Yet again.

Judith –

2 thoughts on “In Solidarity

  1. I admire and am thankful for solidarity with the Irish. I’m especially appreciative of the Irish contribution to the Native American people. I couldn’t ask for a better ally. Sláinte! (Is that right?)

    • Hey there!!! I do so love reading your reflections. So much. Thank you. And yes…Sláinte is exactly right. The Irish have so long stood for justice and social justice. Around the world. One of the many many reasons I am so passionate about the work (hard to call it that, really, as it is such a heart and soul call) I do in Ireland.

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