This Is Not The Time For Inches & Increments

June 21, 2020

Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions
and other explosions above or below water
all have the potential to generate a tsunami.

COVID 19 didn’t arrive on shores around the world with the slow measure of an incoming tide. It crashed down with the sudden force of a tsunami. We don’t know the cause. But it seems a seismic disruption of the environmental balance could well be a factor. 

The global protests against systemic racism and police brutality have also arrived with the force of a tsunami. In this case, the causes are obvious. Like a crashing together of tectonic plates, the pressure has been building up for hundreds of years. Although the warnings have been ignored every bit as much as with the environment, this explosion, this eruption, was predictable. 

All along the Washington coast where the possibility of a tsunami is very real, there are signs for evacuation routes. When faced with an approaching force of this magnitude, slow and considered movement doesn’t work. The only viable action is to get out and get out now. And now, in the face of these tsunamis, the only viable action is to abandon everything and get to higher ground. In this case, moral ground. 

This is not the time for movement measured in inches. This is not the time to create more commissions to study the issues. We know what the issues are. We know what the solutions are. Studies only avoid action. This is not the time for making incremental adjustments in our current systems, whether systems of thought or policy, for those systems are broken beyond repair. 

This is not the time for inches and increments. In the face of these tsunamis, it is the time for bold action. We need tsunamic change. 

Judith –

1 thought on “This Is Not The Time For Inches & Increments

  1. You are right. The tsunami is a scary model but a good one. The time are scary, too. It’s interesting–encouraging, I hope–to know some changes are happening now in spite of the efforts of those who would slow down everything, bad or good. Maybe the momentum is pressing us toward enormous change and now.

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