From Bright Light To Blaze

July 24, 2020

When a friend posted this on FB this week I was reminded it was a year ago that I created this image. And I reflected on the essential nature of this message. It seems there are vestiges of years in marketing wandering around my brain that suggest there must always be a new and improved product, or in this case message, to get people’s attention. But some messages are core and eternal. This is one of them.

As we watch our nation in the grip of a fascist regime take over, this message is more important than ever. And we are called to move beyond considering the Light we hold as an intellectual construct. Yes. I understand this is not the case for everyone. But for everyone we must now embody this shining as we never have before. At a visceral level. The very future of our nation depends on it.

It’s time to move from holding a bright Light in the world to being a passionate blaze. Yes. There is more we can do. But this being is fundamental to any action.

Judith –

2 thoughts on “From Bright Light To Blaze

  1. YES! Time to show up as bright and strong as we can. LOVE the image and the reminder.

  2. This is a great purpose, to hold the light for others. Once this time of its own corruption and destruction is over, illuminated people will be needed. We should look to those who create images such as the image you have shared (again) above.

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