The Gift Arrives

July 28, 2020

I had just published yesterday’s post when her email arrived. The timing of it was so amazing I looked around to see if there was an owl flying around somewhere. Because the post included finding the means to reach out and open up conversations around what we share in common rather than our differences. And as if by magic, her email arrived.

Jane, not her real name, was emailing about two prior posts, Use Your Words and We Are Called. And in her email she told me she is a Trump supporter. I immediately thanked her for her email and told her I would respond in more depth. And I will. For there is gold here. And Jane, since I know you will likely read this post, I again thank you in this more public forum. I really look forward to more dialogue with you. I have much to learn from you, my sister.Are we likely to change each others minds and positions on the current political landscape? Probably not. But that’s not the point. For me it’s the opportunity to listen more deeply, especially for shared beliefs, hopes, and aspirations. For common ground. In her email Jane laid the foundation for this exploration to be wrapped in mutual appreciation and respect. Jane recently participated in one of my sacred circles and I came to know her as a deeply spiritual woman. Perhaps we will begin there. 

I will not be sharing any more about our dialogue for this will be private, personal and intimate. Into me see. It’s enough to share that the gift arrived. May we all receive such gifts.

Judith –