The Tribe & Fire

September 23, 2020

A friend sent me this a few weeks ago. I created this graphic and then let it sit. In the context of what’s unfolding in the States it seemed not the right message. But now, as I count down the last few days before I fly back to the States, it is exactly the right message.

For this is what I’ve been experiencing here in Ireland. Another world and reality. Salve for the soul. Even behind the masks there is tribe. There is fire. So while this piece is written from a US cultural context, it translates into the Irish culture perfectly. Enjoy!

Judith –

2 thoughts on “The Tribe & Fire

  1. Judith, It makes me happy knowing you are in heart-centered Ireland.  Thanks for sharing this.  It’s all about graciousness and seeing the moment as a gift.  Big hug, Linda

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