The Plot

October 31, 2020

Lose the plot.
To no longer be able to act normally
or understand what is happening
To act in a disorganized, chaotic, or irrational manner.
If someone loses the plot they become confused or crazy,
or no longer know how to deal with a situation.

“We are listening to some USA news here and seems like Trump has totally lost the plot. He really should be removed on grounds of insanity and irresponsibility!!!!.”

This recent email from a friend in Ireland echoed what I heard so many times during my recent six weeks there. It was probably inevitable that so many wondered with deep concern what is going on in this country. Lost the plot, was a frequent reaction. It’s an expression I came to know as far more condemning than it sounds.

I think it’s painfully clear that this administration and allies have totally lost the plot. Especially any plot line based on this country’s fundamental values and principles. Yes. We have not nearly realized those guiding principles to full potential. But we continue to strive, even haltingly.

While so many of us try to make our way through the maze of horrors inflicted by this administration, we do so with both clarity and conviction. As we are now just days away from the election it’s clear that the majority of Americans have not lost the plot. Nor will we.

And it’s clear that this is exactly why republicans are doing anything legal or illegal to steal this election. They won’t win in a fair fight. This maze will likely get darker, more foreboding, and more challenging to navigate in the days and weeks and months ahead. But navigate it we will.

Because we have not and we will not lose the plot. We’ve got this.

Judith –

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  1. Thank you Judith. Inspirational as always. Stay safe! P S where is you place in Ireland? I’m looking around in the Northeast if the Republic. Meri’s friend Tricia

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