Solstice Magik

December 26, 2020


Magik has never disappeared from the Earth.
The people of the Earth just forgot what magik is.
The entire Earth holds such magik that if we
really spent time learning the ways of our ancestors,
we would know that we are one. 

Neva Kennedy


He always said it was the work of the Sidhé. And although that word is really the name of their otherworld dwelling mounds, I know he means the Tuatha Dé, the Shining Ones, the Magical Crowd. For indeed, when we bought our Irish cottage with Jack it did seem there were otherworld influences at play including having the sale finalized and our collecting the keys on Christmas Eve four years ago. 

This year Dennis and I have purchased Jack’s share in HazelWood Cottage and the deal finally closed last Monday on Solstice. Jack was made aware of this on Christmas Eve. The synchronicity and serendipity of this was not lost on him when he emailed me saying again that all this is work of the Sidhé.

And perhaps it is. Especially with the ancestral wisdom portal now open at the cottage. I know they are very present. However I also know that there is the additional magik of this season. Magik we co-create in the collective. Magik we manifest when we turn our focus to love and joy and peace. There is such great power in this. Power we have long forgotten. 

Solstice magik. Christmas magik. Perhaps we can remember. Perhaps we can manifest this throughout the year. For in this time we need all the magik we can manifest.

Judith –