As Old As Dirt

March 13, 2021

The Light Of Ancient Wisdom


We were staying at Serenity B&B in Sligo. Hosts Brendan and Elizabeth had now become friends. As was my custom, I wandered into the kitchen after breakfast to let them know we were leaving for the day. As was his custom, Brendan asked where we were off to. I said we were on our way to meet with a shaman. While Brendan has never been completely sure about the spiritual nature of the pilgrimages, he’s always been intrigued. Shaman. It didn’t register with him. “Now, I don’t know that word.” I mentioned the man’s name and offered that he is perhaps better known as a healer.

“Ah, now. I don’t know him but I know of him. Our son teaches his son at the local primary school. He’s the fella always looking at the clouds.”


When we met with Liam he was reluctant to name himself Shaman, although that is how he had been described to me. He said his work is simply about Earth energy connections. 

Shaman. The word comes from the Tungusic people in Siberia and means to know, which is the same definition of Wicca. The common definition is one who uses magic for the purpose of curing the sick, divining the hidden, and controlling events. Because this wisdom tradition was present in many, if not every, ancient culture around the world we also have the labels of Kahuna, Medicine Man/Woman, and Witch Doctor, among others. In Ireland they were the Druids.

Long before religion was imported or imposed, these were the individuals who knew and practiced the power of working with Earth and other realm energies. Always in service to their people, never power for the sake of having power. Always honoring the web of all life. It was a spiritual tradition that evolved naturally, nature ally, being of the Earth and from the Earth. It was and still is a spiritual tradition as old as dirt. 

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  1. I remember this day so vividly. Sitting on the deck of the restaurant in the sun and talking. A incredible moment in time.

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