Be Mindless

March 21, 2021

The Light Of Ancient Wisdom

It’s always a good idea to look at our world from

different angles lest we slip into the dangerous belief
that our present worldview is the only true one.
Paul Devereux

When people arrive at MossTerra for a sweat lodge they spend time on the land while the stones are in the fire. It’s a time for them to slip into an experience of their soul and five senses, stepping away from the dominant experience of their minds. It’s not easy. Our minds don’t like relinquishing control. Once in the lodge, I find the guided journey can be fairly short. It’s as if the spirit realms want to take full advantage of this altered space of mind less to deliver their messages so that those insights land before minds create a story of skeptical disbelief. 

Body, mind, and spirit. We are all three. Yet they are generally out of balance as we navigate our lives with the belief that our mental world view is the only true one. It is that worldview that has us so disconnected from Earth and other realm energies. It is that worldview that has created the stories of how those energies are not real.

Set your intention. Be mindful. And dance with what shows up. This mantra landed many years ago and has long been a favorite. Now I realize it needs a worldview adjustment. For only with mindlessness can we step into a more balanced and harmonic worldview.

Judith –