Pay Attention To The Pearl

April 19, 2021



Contrary to popular belief, the seed that grows a pearl is not a grain of sand but a parasite. The essential energy of pearl offers balance, harmony, and connection with with our inner wisdom and divine purpose. These insights enhanced the metaphor of pearl in contemplating the wisdom found in this time of parasitic pandemic hibernation.

A few of my sister circles have been exploring the wisdom they’ve found and have discovered a shared reluctance to rush headlong back into the world, especially the world that was. We’ve grown very comfortable with these new life rhythms and patterns.

Ironically, just hours after one of these amazing conversations with one of my sister circles, I drove two hours to Seattle to spend time with my sister and niece who is considering the University of Washington for her undergraduate studies. It’s the first time I’ve wandered far from my forest bubble in over a year and it was an emotionally violent experience. Did I not listen to what I has shared in the morning circle? Lord, girlfriend! I sensed the inner wisdom eye roll.  Apparently I needed the jarring visceral reminder. Too much traffic, too many people, too much concrete, and too much fast moving city energy.

A pearl of wisdom for me has been a deepening connection to the natural rhythms and Earth energies here at MossTerra. When I drove home I could feel the land wrap her arms around me as I slipped into those rhythms again. Lesson learned. Pay attention to the pearl for this wisdom is not just for this time…but for all time.

Judith –