I Am Hugging You

April 28, 2021



I’m a hugger. Everyone who knows me knows that about me. I’ll hug anyone, sometimes to the chagrin of those who are with me. And hugging is something I’ve really missed in this pandemic hibernation. Even on the occasional forays from our MossTerra bubble, like everyone else I’m relegated to eye contact for any attempt at meaningful communication.

Hard stuff for us huggers. And then I had a conversation with our dog. More accurately, she had a conversation with me.

There are no issues beyond Ema being an eleven-year-old Great Pyrenees with a life span of ten to twelve years. I ‘got’ that it was time to check in with her. So we contacted Crystal, an animal communicator we’ve worked with before. She was a bit stunned by what she got from Ema. Dennis and I were beyond stunned. We were weepy.

One of the questions I asked was about Ema staring at us for intense and prolonged periods of time. I thought she was trying to tell us something and we just weren’t getting the message. This was really the catalyst for contacting Crystal. Here is some of what Crystal shared with us.

I enjoyed your warm Ema so much. Here’s what I asked and found out…it felt extraordinary as I listened. She says her health overall is good! She’s just slowing down, like you sensed in your notes. Ema says “Don’t worry about me; I couldn’t be more happy. You have given all to me, and more.”

“I love being together -that’s my blanket of love and confidence. I love the consistency of it. I do know that many others have been upset the past year, but for me it’s been (at this point she showed me a picture of a big boulder, a big weight) an anchor. It’s a sense of promise, of staying. I have felt the solidity of our life this year.”

I asked about the staring, the gazing behavior. She said the reason for this is very hard to put into human words. Ema took a long time to form it into a kind of answer.

She said when she looks at you like that it’s a form of hugging. “I obviously can’t do human hugs very well, but if they reach out psychically they can feel my love bond. I use it to welcome them as animals with me, to send them gratitude and even teaching them.”

What do you want your humans to do when you gaze at them? 
“Just to relax and feel my essence. Then, when I’m gone one day, you will be trained to know that deep, eternal thread of love across the realms.”

When you are gone, what else can Judith and Dennis do to keep you close? 
“Whenever they feel the wind, see the trees move, feel and see the breeze on the beach, even when they are breathing—I’ll be surrounding them. It will feel like my stare.”

There are more intense weepy bits so I will just leave this here. But these messages from Ema gave me pause, pun intended. Perhaps this time of pandemic and wearing masks is an opportunity to develop my hugging eye contact, to look at people over my mask with an intense gaze that says, “Relax and feel my essence. I am hugging you!”



Thank you, sweet Ema.
Thank you.



Judith – judith@stonefires.com