Arrai. The Air Nation.

June 22, 2021


The Seven Nations


Arrai is freedom.

Of all the Nations Arrai is the most elusive. Essential to life, it is present beyond our senses of sight, touch, smell, and taste. Unless it is wind we cannot hear it, yet without Air we could not hear anything because sound would have no way to travel. In this elusive nature it calls us to freedom, to be free from constructs we know, constructs that are comfortable and familiar. It invites more space between the notes of our lives. It invites us to release attachments and embrace an emptiness, a space for opening up to receive inspiration.

Inspiration. It comes from the Latin inspiratus/inspirare, to breathe into, inspire. In-spiratus, in spirit. And in the great mystery that is air, there has long been an association with the spiritual.

Both physically and metaphysically Arrai can create movement in our lives. When we become stuck and perhaps stagnant, Air can blow away the debris, especially the debris that causes us suffering. 

To think more clearly, immerse yourself in Arrai.
To remove restrictions from the heart
and know more joy, merge with Arrai.
It disperses thoughts and feelings that cause suffering.
Mukanda Dawe 

Judith –

Note: Mukanda Dawe is an ascended master and one of my spiritual teachers. These are his teachings. The Shakti Tao book that holds these teachings and insights to a practice of connecting with the Nations is available online.