Prana. The Plant Nation.

June 24, 2021


The Seven Nations


Life force energy. Reverence for Life.

Prana sustains us. They gift us with food, shelter and the inspiration of their beauty. The life force energy of the Plant Nation nurtures us body, mind, and soul in ways we can generally only begin to imagine. In ways ever present but long forgotten. We are intrinsically woven with this energy. Our ancestors knew this. Yet we have become so distanced from that knowing. 

That plants communicate with each other, support each other, and nurture each other has been whispered about in recent times. Now, for those who need it, biologists have established scientific proof. And the invitation is there for us to return home to this sacred relationship of support, nurturing, and communication. It is for us to set aside our preconceived notions of Prana. To step beyond the stories of separation and embrace this amazing reverent relationship. To become woven in the harmonious web of all life.

Prana is a reverence for Life.
You can sing the song of Prana to unhealthy plants
and observe how it brings healing to them.
Practice the seed sprouting together with them
and let them tell you what they need.
Mukanda Dawe

Judith –

Note: Mukanda Dawe is an ascended master and one of my spiritual teachers. These are his teachings. The Shakti Tao book that holds these teachings and insights to a practice of connecting with the Nations is available online.