Asharaji. The Creature Nation.

June 26, 2021


The Seven Nations


Alone is a delusion.

As many words as I might cobble together, this photo tells the story more powerfully than words ever could. Mary was guiding some people through the woodlands of Ireland to a stone circle for ceremony. As they were walking the path in silence, this forest guardian emerged. He watched each one pass by him, almost scanning them. His otherworldly presence was powerful and profound.

The Asharaji Nation holds a higher consciousness than the other Nations. They have community, purpose, meaning, memory and learning. Myth, legend, and stories are filled with the ancient knowing of how animals shared wisdom about how to live in the world. Through our own animal nature we are able to connect with this wisdom. We are able to feel the energy of the natural world and how it can benefit us physically, mentally and emotionally. Through merging with their nature we can gain a deeper understanding of our own nature and how we respond to the experiences of Life. Sometimes we spend so much time being “human” in our busy lives that we have a tendency to forget to be mindful about the basic natural realities of Life. That the Creatures of the Earth are literally our ancestors has been demonstrated by scientific genetic mapping. Imagine all of the evolutionary wisdom held in your genome that could be unlocked through this merging. 

The Ancient Wisdom is that billions of Creatures,
countless generations of DNA, have been written into your body.
For this we can find immense gratitude to and for Life.
You and the Creatures are each other so it is impossible
to be alone when you know this. Alone is a delusion.
Mukanda Dawe


Judith –

Note: Mukanda Dawe is an ascended master and one of my spiritual teachers. These are his teachings. The Shakti Tao book that holds these teachings and insights to a practice of connecting with the Nations is available online.