Heart Rhythms

October 30, 2021


Your heart generates
an electromagnetic field
that reaches several feet
outside your physical body.
People can feel you.


Yet again, science confirms what has been known through time. A knowing passed down through generations. A knowing that has been marginalized by people placing more faith in science than ancient wisdom. A knowing, like so many other knowings, that has been relegated to the tenuous realms of mystery and magic. And there is something magical in this, but it’s not magic.

Yesterday my husband commented on how quickly Declan responded to the cottage leak and then, when I was on the phone arranging for my car to be detailed, how the detailer ended our first ever conversation with, “Thanks for calling, friend.” My husband suggested that people must love working and talking with me because I have such good energy.

I do. And I’m very aware of the field I generate and the impact it has on others. Tradesmen respond to cottage concerns and people call me friend.

Physically, emotionally, and spiritually we are what we eat. What goes in is what goes out. One of the many amazing gifts of walking a spiritual path is the focus on energies like love, joy, peace, and harmony. That’s my preferred diet. When I was in Ireland I had no time for social media and the news. I didn’t eat any of it. And I know that my field holds the effect of that. I know people can feel that.

If this is magic, it is a magic we all have access to. It’s about what we choose for our spiritual and emotional diet. It’s about minding our heart rhythms and the energetic harmonies they create in our lives…and the lives of those we welcome into our field.

Judith – judith@stonefires.com