The Harmonies Of Time

November 10, 2021

Music is just decorated time.


In this season of clocks changing and days growing shorter, much is said about the passage of time which is generally an elusive construct no matter how much we try to measure and control it. In the latest issue of Sun Magazine, one of the regular contributors wrote about time and his statement about time and music was intriguing.

As we watch the memes flow through our FB feeds of people, and dogs apparently, complaining about the daylight savings time shift, it’s compelling to consider this flow. The natural world doesn’t measure time. Yet the plants and animals are totally adjusted to and in synch with that flow. Much better than we are. They have their own languages and music, a beautiful tapestry woven in this fluid passage of time and seasons. 

Music. It can create a space of time out of time. It can transport us. It can weave an energy that reminds us to literally and figuratively go with the flow. It can remind us to be in the moment…this moment in time. And in this moment, the harmonies can be stunning.

Music. What a wonderful way to decorate our relationship with time.

Judith –