All. Beings. Full Stop.

November 19, 2021


Someone is sleeping on the porch by the front door of the Round, my office and gathering space. The door mat is often wet and scrunched up when I arrive and there are often faint prints on the slate. Dog? Deer? I have no idea. 
I’m just delighted that some creature is taking refuge and shelter there. Dennis suggested a critter cam. No. Besides the ridiculous expense, I rather like the mystery. May all beings.

My spiritual tradition has as one of its core expressions this metta.

May All Beings…
Have fresh clean water to drink and air to breathe.
Have food to eat.
Have a home and someone to share love with.
May they know their true purpose.
May they be well and happy and free from suffering. 

One might think that there could be no opposition to this statement. Indeed clean water, clean air, food, shelter, health, and freedom from suffering are being much talked about these days as basic human rights. However this metta does not apply just to humans. And therein is the rub for some people. Prominent among them conservative Christians who can’t accept or embrace all beings. They can’t accept that this would apply to the natural world and especially to animals. 

As we humans clearly face an uncertain future with respect to our climate crisis, we are called to remember that we are part of the web of all life, not separate from it. And we are called to shape our thoughts and actions from the space and context of that web. 

All. Beings. Full Stop.

Judith –