A Shining Opportunity

December 16, 2021


We are in the season of Light. No matter the religious or spiritual tradition, this is the time when we celebrate the Light returning to dispel the darkness. And we are certainly in times of darkness.

Many of us are focused on sharing Light in all times. We are focused on sharing and sending out the energies of love and joy and peace and hope and unity. And it can be daunting when the collective is filled with the sludge of anger and fear and hatred. But in this season, there is an opportunity to increase the power of that sharing and sending. For the collective is now embracing these energies as they gather and celebrate. In this sacred season, these energies are embraced and expressed through songs, greetings, prayers, ceremonies, traditions, and actions. There is so much more receptivity than at any other time in the year. 

So in this season, we leverage that energy in the collective that it may be amplified. That it might last longer than just this season of celebration. That it might take root in each heart and mind and soul.

And so we shine. Brighter than ever.

Will you take his shining opportunity to share your Light?

Judith – judith@stonefires.com