Another Light Lost

December 26, 2021


Desmond Tutu died today. Another bright light in the world gone. Yet he leaves us with a legacy of hope and compassion we can aspire to. A legacy to manifest in our lives and the world. 

I was privileged to meet him when the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation brought him to Tacoma for an event in the Tacoma Dome that attracted thousands of people. As a board member I was able to be in private gatherings with him and his light was such a strong emanation. So inspiring. 

When I became the chair of that board I hoped we would embrace his wisdom in our programs and practices. After all, we had made a rather public declaration of that intention. But it was not to be. Organizationally and philosophically nothing changed. And I soon resigned from the board.

It was another opportunity for me to understand that real and meaningful change doesn’t often happen at an organizational level. It’s an understanding more present in these current times than ever before. It is up to us.

It is up to the very personal and powerful energy of Ubuntu.

Safe journeys, Archbishop Tutu. We are so grateful for the gift of light you were in the world and the legacy of wisdom and hope you gave us. May we honor you by embracing the wisdom of Ubuntu.

Judith –