Across A Silent Threshold

January 10, 2022


It was a one eyed one horned
flying purple people eater.

What’s interesting and perhaps disturbing is that these lyrics came instantly and easily to mind. I did have to look up the 1958 release date for this song that unbelievably made it to #1 on the Billboard pop charts. It didn’t stay on the charts long but has clearly stayed in my head for over sixty years. 

Aside from this ridiculous song about an alien coming to Earth to eat purple people, I’ve never spent much time thinking about intergalactic visitors. Oh, I absolutely believe they are real. I’ve just never been compelled to engage in UFO speculation. However, more information is surfacing from even those governmental sources that have worked for decades to keep this out of the collective awareness. 

I have a friend who is more into this than I am. She offered to lend me a book. I was curious. The book is one of three written by Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clark of Cherokee/Choctaw heritage. With degrees in history, English, psychology, and educational leadership and a background as a teacher, university professor, junior college and university administrator, licensed therapist and psychologist, and social science researcher, ufology, as she names it, is not her primary focus. Yet because of her books people find her. And they share their stories of UFO sitings and contacts. The book I’m reading has thirty-nine of these stories.

What’s remarkable is the similarity of these accounts from people across the US and Central America. There are many consistent themes. One of them is silence and the nature of communication. Every report is that the ships, generally cited to be as large as a football field, arrive and leave in complete silence. And any reported interactions with those on the ships is also silent. Nothing is spoken, yet people report receiving very clear messages.

The communication is there, it just holds none of the audible triggers we expect. And this so resonates with communication from and within the natural world. We can spend time in nature and receive so many clear messages if we take the time to step into the required silence. To listen with senses other than our ears, to listen for messages from within and without. I also reflect on the popular term, being on the same wavelength, to describe when we have similar knowings with others. It’s all about energy. Waves or not.

Stillness and silence are the doors to perception that open for us. There is so much to receive, so much to learn, if we are willing to step across that silent threshold. 

And no. It’s doubtful that, even stepping across that silent threshold, we will get any message from the purple people eater. But then….who knows?

Judith –

6 thoughts on “Across A Silent Threshold

  1. Yes, who knows. I believe with Carl Sagan that the probability of sentient life elsewhere, considering the number of stars in a galaxy and then another galaxy and then a universe, make it more reasonable to go with than to go against. As to whether extraterrestrials are visiting Earth, well, again, who knows. But I might also say why not. With considerations of the multiverse, maybe folk simply slip through dimensions to arrive here, as you note, quietly. But I appreciate, overall, your writing about quiet, the exemplars of quiet and quiet itself. I could sit on a bench near my spiritual director’s house and hear all kinds of things in all kinds of languages. And how much may we say to each other without saying it? Thanks, Judith. I hope you’re off to a fine week.

    • I agree completely. And although I do believe we are being visited, it’s not the most important thing to be thinking about in these times. Was just another way to step into writing about silence. And there will be more. And you, Christopher, I hope this is a good week for you. Brilliant here!

  2. Dear friend, so good to hear from you. I spent many an hour singing this song. Silence leaves room for thoughts to manifest. Here is hoping that travel to a green land of mythical proportions is in my future.

    • A bit scary that we know both the words and the tune. Good to hear from you as well, my friend. Yes. Silence. There will be more on that. And YES. May travel to Ireland be in your future!!!!

  3. We sold ceramic figurines of this creature at the flower shop. A tipi in the woods.

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