She Is Rising

February 9, 2022



Seriously. What country on the planet would, in 2022, declare a national holiday for a goddess?


While this is amazing, it’s really no surprise. The Irish have long held a torch for social justice. I was there when they passed gay marriage by a decisive majority, the first time on the ballot. I was there when they changed the constitution to allow for abortion, also first time on the ballot.

And now the torch is raised for sacred justice, for the divine feminine. This is the essence of Brigid. And beginning next February, Brigid’s Day will be a national holiday in Ireland. Some will name it St. Brigid’s Day, but Brigid is older than the Catholic Church’s appropriation of her into sainthood.

Brigid is back.

Truth be told, she never left. It is we who wandered away from our knowing of her sacred energies and traditions. It is we who have abandoned the myth and mythic, the knowing that the divine feminine is a powerful presence in the land and landscapes, in history and heritage. This awareness, this memory, is vibrant in the Irish collective consciousness yet it is there in every culture. Not as vibrant, but it’s there. Spiritual traditions around the world hold stories of the sacred and divine feminine. Bless the storytellers who keep those stories alive, may their voices ring out. And in that ringing the declaration that She is rising. 

The sacred balance is returning. The energy of the sacred feminine is flowing a powerful river. And we need her, especially in these times. We need her compassion and wisdom, her strength and beauty, her powers of inspiration and transformation. 

Yes, there is pushback as the patriarchy is challenged. We are seeing the horrors of that in the US. But we will meet that challenge. Because She is rising. 

She is rising. Fair play to Ireland for carrying the torch! May others see that glorious flame and be inspired to light the way to a world where She is risen.


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  1. Finally, yes!! I saw that and was surprised and delighted. Of course Ireland! ❤️

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