When Honour Stands Strong

March 13, 2022


I accept all people as my own
and open my heart to share with them.


Being in Ireland, being in Europe without an ocean between us, the energy of the horror that is unfolding in Ukraine is both immediate and palpable. So is the energy of the response to it. Across this nation people are gathering supplies for shipment to the Ukrainian people and Éire has thrown open her doors to the refugees. All are welcome. No need for visas, no need for paperwork. Once they arrive, and they are currently streaming in through the Dublin Airport, they are treated like Irish citizens. They are able to get shelter, medical aid, and economic support. No questions asked. 

This welcoming flows directly from Ireland’s heritage where hospitality was the law and every person was considered to have honour and value. I’ve written much about the ancient civil codes, the Brehon Laws, that are the foundation for for this welcoming.

There is an almost fierce warrior spirit in this. Standing strong in an ancient tradition of how to treat each other, how to be in right relationship in community. 

I know. I write much about the Irish people. I believe we have so much to learn from them. And…here we are again. I reflect on the refugee situation in the US and long for a time when we see those people as our brothers and sisters, a time when honouring and honour stands strong.


2 thoughts on “When Honour Stands Strong

  1. I’m glad you write about the Irish people. My mother’s people are glad. How the Irish welcome refugees from the war in Ukraine is moving. I am thankful and inspired.

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