Patterns Of Wisdom

September 8, 2022


I don’t have a memory of it. I was three. But I have a clear image from the story told time and again by my parents. Sitting in front of the picture windows in the living room working on a wooden puzzle. It was a clown. I was determined to get the pieces in their proper places and apparently fell asleep on top of the puzzle when I did.

I’ve always loved puzzles, watching for the hidden patterns to emerge. This has served me well in my life, especially in my consulting work when I had the opportunity to engage with groups from different organizations. Looking past the individual goals and agendas to find the pattern of common ground for effective collaboration was exhilarating.

Now I’m watching different patterns emerge. Patterns far more complex and far beyond my brain’s comprehension. Patterns that hold a cosmic complexity woven with the sacred alliance of Earth, ancestral, astral, and otherworld energies. And they are far beyond any manifestations of mental gymnastics. They are the experience of body and soul. Heady stuff, but not head stuff.

These are the patterns of universal and sacred wisdom, patterns that are now woven in the fabric of my life. And the fabric of my life is now woven in this sacred pattern.

When people ask about what unfolded in Ireland this year and about the shifts and changes for the sacred Ireland journeys, I’m inclined to send them this image. For this is the essence of it. Surrendering to and welcoming the patterns and weaving of sacred wisdom.


And if this resonates, here is the flyer for next year’s Sacred Alliance Gatherings.

2 thoughts on “Patterns Of Wisdom

  1. Hi, Judith. I hope you’re really well. I think you’re right about the patterns and the understanding of them going beyond what the head can manage. I find it encouraging to believe that chronos and kairos have their place separately and together in the timing and the lack thereof in the universe. And the working paradoxes go on from there. Of course, I could be wrong about it all.–Christopher

    • Hey, Christopher. Thank you. I’m doing really well. And again so love your comments on what I post. To know that we are all part of divine creation is so important. And, laughing, I don’t think you are wrong at all. You are, as usual. Spot on!

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