Legacies Of Light

December 18, 2022



We step once again into the season of celebrating the birth, life, and teachings of Jesus. And while his story has been shaped and distorted through history by those with both personal and political agendas, the Light he shared still shines after more than two thousand years. 

A remarkable blessing.

Although his may be one of the brightest Lights in our collective consciousness, it’s not the only one. Throughout time there have been so many that have held the Light of love, joy, peace, and compassion. There have been so many with a mystical power to inspire us. The list is long, much longer than I share here. And while we may not celebrate their birthdays, we do celebrate their stories and teachings. They live and lived their lives with sacred purpose. Their legacies are food for heart and soul in a world that so needs this nourishment.


The names on this short list are familiar. We could all add many more. But what about those not so familiar? What about those who will never be so publicly or universally celebrated? What about those who simply live with sacred intention and walk through their lives shining a bright Light in the world? What about us?

Yes. What about us?

We may not be mystics or even especially mystical. But when we shine our Light in the world we also leave a legacy. We leave a legacy that may not be written about in books, but it is a legacy written in the collective consciousness, a legacy that is food for heart and soul.

The world needs this nourishment. The world needs this legacy. The world needs this Light….our Light.


6 thoughts on “Legacies Of Light

  1. Advent is a time of light. The Festival of Lights that is Hanukkah has begun. What a good time to note all the other lights as people who illuminate through the ages and for us now.

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