No Backdrop. No Boundaries.

January 8, 3023


In his brilliant new book, Listen to the Land Speak: A journey into the wisdom of what lies beneath us, Irish author Manchán Magan shares this wisdom.

…the land has always existed. It just is. It needs no help from us. In every speck of its being it is fully present, fully manifested. The choice is ours whether we wish to engage with it in a meaningful way or merely accept it as a backdrop to our lives. From the land’s point of view, our choice is irrelevant; but to us, from a psychological, spiritual and physical health standpoint, it can make all the difference.

One of the most profound insights that landed for me from my Stone Nation encounter in Colorado is that I had set no intention for this. I had done no preparation or meditation or ceremony. The encounter just arrived. When we surrender to and welcome sacred relationship we are not always in control. OK. We are rarely in control.

I could say that I wasn’t prepared for what happened in that rock shop. But I was. I’ve long known that the natural world is not a backdrop in my life. I know that in opening to a relationship, an alliance, with the natural world there are no boundaries. The veils become thin and the energies of liminal spaces are ever present.

My spiritual practice, my spiritual journey is my preparation.

This is one reason I so cherish my time in Ireland. As an island and with the ancient sacred ways that still vibrate in that landscape, the liminal spaces are ever present. There is no backdrop. There are no boundaries. It makes all the difference. And I dance with the magic.

No boundaries and no backdrop. This is also the intention of the gatherings I offer in Ireland. If this calls to you, I would welcome you to join me. The link for the Doolin Gathering next September is below.


Sacred Alliance The Doolin Gathering 2023

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    • Thank you Christopher. And it’s vitally important that what I/we do with those connections in in service. Because that’s why we are here. To be of service. To be in service.

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