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January 26, 2023


With my last post I thought I was done teasing out the threads of wisdom from Manchán Magan’s book. Apparently not. Perhaps it’s the synchronicity of currently watching Our Universe, an amazing series on Netflix narrated by Morgan Freeman. The graphics, photography, and message are stunning. I highly recommend it. 

Manchán writes about the HeartMath Institute and their research into the Earth’s magnetic field and the connection to humans. This resonated as did the Institute’s vision when I went to their website to explore their research: A kinder, heart-centered world where we care for one another and live harmoniously in peace.

In 2021, the Institute published an Investigation of Parallels Between Human Basal Metabolic Features and Local Earth Magnetic Field. I know. But hang in there. The study’s conclusion speaks profoundly to our liminal landscape experiences.

The study concludes that all living systems are affected by external and internal environments. One factor in the external environment is the Earth’s magnetic field, which fluctuates over a wide frequency range. A series of studies indicate that low frequency magnetic fields can affect cellular mitochondrial activity and impacts every cell’s metabolism. This frequency band embraces the same frequency bands that are typically used for human brain waves.

About these findings, Manchán writes the following. Indeed, it is well beyond my comprehension as well. But even a glimmer of understanding begs consideration of the implications he suggests. 

The science of this is beyond my comprehension, but their findings appear to show that the earth is continuously emitting information that the human body then responds to. It will take further study and more sophisticated apparatus to reveal whether the great gathering sites of Ireland that have been attracting followers for thousands of years are emitting frequencies that most of us are no longer conscious of, or whether the mysterious solar alignments that were laid out between significant points in prehistory by our Neolithic and Bronze Age forebears are part of an energy or magnetic grid that we have forgotten how to decipher. What does seem clear, though, is that our world and all the beings and plants within it are elements of a biofeedback loop, in which all of us are intermingled in innumerable ways.

Whether earthly or cosmic, it’s all energy. We are all energy. And we are all connected and intermingled through time and space. Manchán’s book is titled Listen to the Land Speak. Listening is important as we wander the sacred and liminal landscapes in Ireland. Yet perhaps as essential is hearing, hearing with every cell of our bodies. In hearing perhaps we can begin to decipher what has been lost and forgotten. 


3 thoughts on “Listening & Hearing

  1. It makes sense that everything emitting everything might thus intertwine (in signals and in substance) in what becomes, since the first moments, a familiar way. The Earth knows us; we know the Earth. Or we can know the Earth. Maybe this is what the sacred sites offer and have been offering since construction–and in the inspiration to construct.

    You’re right, it’s all energy. And then matter. And then energy again.

    As Blake says, “Energy is eternal delight.”

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