That Our Stories Become Myth

February 8, 2023


Am currently reading and in love with another book. Sacred Nature: Restoring Our Ancient Bond with the Natural World by Karen Armstrong. There is such resonance flowing from these pages and clearly inspiration for a few blog posts.

I’ve written lately about myth and the importance of these larger-than-life stories in our lives. There are so many stories and myths that carry the energies of anger and hate spewing from the media and social media these days. It’s important to find, create, and share the good stories. As Karen writes…


We need good myths that help us to identify with our fellow human beings, and not just with those who belong to our ethnic, national or ideological tribe. We need good myths that help us to realise the importance of compassion, which challenges and transcends our solipsistic and tribal tribal egocentricity. And, crucially, we need good myths that help us to venerate the earth as sacred once again, because unless there is a spiritual revolution that challenges the destructiveness of our technological genius, we will not save our planet. 

On her latter point, I believe the Earth will take care of itself. It might take a long time and be possible only when we humans are no longer around. Perhaps much battered and bruised, she will survive. We may not. 

It’s we who are in desperate need of the good myths. And those always begin with story. The seeds of myth are sown in stories that resonate through generations, stories that reflect our highest and best nature, stories that call us to be in right relationship with the sacred, the Earth, and each other. 

We are all of us storytellers. Hope lies in our stories, the stories we tell ourselves, the stories we tell family and friends, the stories we tell our communities. We are called to craft and share those good stories that they might become good myths. Mythic. It’s what we storytellers aspire to.


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