What Grows In The Shadow Of Greatness

August 1, 2023


Men do not accept their prophets and slay them,
but they love their martyrs and worship those
whom they have tortured to death.
Fyodor Dostoevsky

The words of the prophets are written
on the subway walls and tenements halls
and whispered in the sounds of silence.
Paul Simon

“Fight the real enemy!” These were the words Sinéad O’Connor spoke as she tore up a photo of the Pope on Saturday Night Live in 1992. So many in Ireland and around the world could not accept the truth about the abuses of the Catholic Church. It was a truth Sinéad knew from personal experience. And she was vilified for speaking it.

“Fight the real enemy!” This past weekend in Ireland, thirty years later, those paying tribute to Sinéad were carrying placards with her image and this statement. Now they know the truth and are worshiping this woman once tortured by their hatred.

I’ve been reflecting on her courage and the courage of so many who have spoken truth to power and the world and been vilified and even killed for it. Yet seeds are sown and they flourish in the shadow of greatness, within the sounds of the silence left behind when we lose a prophet. Thank you for being a seed, Sinéad, for your courageous prophecy. 

I don’t consider myself a prophet. But I do resonate with the definition of one gifted with more than ordinary spiritual and moral insight. Through my experiences in Ireland, I continue to be gifted with increasing spiritual insights. Insights that come to me from the land, the ancestors, and entities in other realms. There are signs and prophecies that the ancient ways of wisdom are returning and I am humbled to be part of that awakening. For it is an ancient wisdom filled with spiritual and moral insights for these times.  

And, as many of you know, the Gatherings in Ireland are now about merging with this awakening and this wisdom. We are nurturing seeds sown long ago. And they are flourishing.


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