The Promise Of Winter Solstice

For our ancestors, the rhythm of their lives was woven with the rhythms of the Earth. The passing of the seasons marked their celebrations and none was more significant than Winter Solstice, the return of the Sun so essential to life. The megalithic Newgrange site in Ireland was constructed to honor the Sun’s return and on each Winter Solstice morning the sunlight travels down the narrow passage to touch sacred symbols on the interior stones. This year 29,750 people applied for the 50 spaces available to witness this event.


The word solstice means sun standing still, for at both the Summer and Winter solstices the  sun appears to stand still for several days. Rather than an event, Winter Solstice is a season of change, a season of moving from darkness to light. The light returns little by little, day by day. And the Earth teaches us, as in all her seasons and cycles, that change is often a slow transition.

As surely as the Sun never dies to the Earth, the sacred light we each hold within us never dies. If we have the wisdom to embrace it. If we have the heart to welcome it. If we have the patience to nurture it. Eternal light. This is the promise of Winter Solstice.

May you remember your light and the sacred power you hold to bring light to life. All life.