Benbulben Speaks

Benbulben, the mountain in the above header photo, is an amazing power spot in Ireland, holding potent energy of Ireland’s spiritual ancestors, the Tuatha Dé Danann. That Benbulben speaks will not be news to anyone who has traveled to Ireland with me.

Now it seems this speaking will be more public. Throughout 2013 Ireland is hosting The Gathering and will open its arms to hundreds of thousands of friends and family from all over the world, calling them home to gatherings in villages, towns and cities. Seems a brilliant idea and potential support for Ireland’s flagging economy. While there are just under 5 million people in Ireland, there are more than 70 million people of Irish ancestry scattered around the world.

Benbulben “Speaks” will be one of those gatherings according to the event website, At the end of May they plan to have 2013 people climb the mountain to be part of a choreographed message of hope inspired by the poetry of WB Yeats who is buried in a churchyard near the foot of the mountain. So very appropriate as the poet was deeply connected to Ireland’s otherworld entities, especially in this area.

A lovely alignment of right relationship with the Earth, community and the sacred. I believe the Tuatha will be well pleased.